About Moving Company Services

Offering Professional Moving Services

MovingCompanyServices.net is a professional moving company that offers moving services in the following categories: local moving, long distance moving, international moving, vehicle transportation, office relocation, and self-service moving. The company strives to offer complete Professional Moving Services in all of those categories. It's a one-stop shop for moving services. 

For local relocation, we expect the moving destination to be one hundred miles or less. For this type of move, lots of customers often choose to plan and execute the entire process themselves with the help of family and friends. However, it can be very time-consuming. For Moving Company Services, a top moving company like MovingCompanyServices.net will plan and execute your move in a fraction of the time that it will take you to do it. We will pack, wrap, your palletizing belongings; load them into rental trucks, trailers, PODS, and portable storage units. For long distance moving, we will work with you to figure out the best and most convenient method to have your items moved to their new location. For instance, if you are moving to a home that is already furnished, the  move is temporary, and you do not have that many items, we will probably suggest air cargo. However, we can suggest other methods that can more convenient.

For international moving, we will pack and load 20' or 40' international containers and cargo ships. International relocation can be a complicated process; therefore, many choose to use professional moving companies. This type of move often involves a great deal of documentation. However, we will help the customer in almost every step in the process. For any other type of long distance moving, we approach it with the same detailed professionalism. For vehicle transportation, we will ship your regular, exotic, and antique car both domestically and internationally. 

For office moving, a type of commercial moving, we will pack your, wrap, palletize the items in your office and load into rental trucks, trailer, etc. When we reach the destination, our Office Movers will unload and unpack those items. For self-service moving, we cater to the customers who want to save money and be part of the moving process. They pack their belongings in boxes, and all we do is provide professional drivers to take them to the new location.