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Shipping a car is unlike shipping a package. It can be a long, tedious, and complex process, especially in the U.S. Car deliveries take roughly four weeks in the U.S. As one might assume, international deliveries take longer, about six to eight weeks. Also, it all depends on the country of origin and the destination. However, a good Auto Transport Company can take care of the entire process for you hassle-free. will ship your regular, exotic, and antique vehicles both domestically and internationally.

For Auto Shipping, one can choose from two options: covered and uncovered carrier. The uncovered carrier will be the less expensive option. However, there are many issues with that option. For instance, your car will be susceptible to getting hit by highway debris that may fly in the path of the truck. A covered carrier will protect your car from that, but the service will cost about 60% more. The Auto Transport Company that you selected will make aware of those options.

In a lot of cases, the car shipping company will contact you when there is a truck available with an open slot that will travel to the destination where you want your vehicle to be delivered to. Customers often prefer the exact pick-up dates, and they are willing to pay the extra amount for that kind of service. If you are one of those people who prefer that type of service, you will have to pay extra.

Door-to-door Auto Shipping is the most convenient way of shipping a vehicle. However, if you are looking to spend as little as possible, terminal-to-terminal vehicle delivery may be a better option. For terminal-to-terminal service, the owner of the vehicle will drop if off at a predetermined terminal. A recipient will pick up the vehicle at the terminal. The owner can be the recipient or someone that he or she designated to receive the vehicle. 

There are many vehicle shipping companies in existence in the United States. However, it can be a hassle to find the good ones. Before selecting a company, do your research. Look at their online reviews. Also, try calling their agents and get as much information as possible. There are good vehicle-shipping companies out there, but you have to find them. Another issue is cost. Compare the costs of the ones that you find and the quality of service they provide. Evaluate pros and cons on all level. You should try to find a great service at competitive price for your Car Delivery. 

Shipping a car from one major city to another is easier than shipping a car between two small towns. You also have to take that into consideration. Although a good Auto Transport Company will help throughout the entire process, the size of the vehicle is important. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure that a heavier car poses greater transportation challenges than a smaller car. Shipping a vehicle in the winter is often cheaper since many people often avoid shipping cars in the winter. 

When selecting a company for auto shipping or Car Delivery, you have to ask about their insurance coverage. This is very important. Most reputable auto transport companies will have excellent insurance coverage, but as stated above, you will have to do your research. Also, you will want to know as much information as possible about the coverage in case of an accident or other unfortunate situations.

Once the vehicle reaches its destination, the designated recipient or the owner of the vehicle has to inspect it before signing any document. It is important that the owner of the vehicle has before-delivery pictures of the vehicle to make sure that there are no damages in case he or she needs to file a damage claim.