Your Move Budget

Are you game for playing the game Truth and Dare?

The question here is - What is the one nerving thing that pops into your mind when you think of moving?

Hmmmm……….If your answer is not the COST, then we know you are not playing fair. Apart from the game, people tend to use the diplomatic cover-up strategy to this situation like “I’m looking for quality, but …by the by how much does it cost anyway? Some would even go to the extent of getting on a questioning spree by asking all those who moved recently how much their moving worked out.

When cost cutting is used practically for everything all that is left is trying to put this into practice while moving. We have come up with some ways and means that can help you save immensely and get an ideal moving at the minimum cost.

Budget Your Move

A simple planning can go a long way. Here are some tips that can help you save some bucks.

  • As soon as you decide on moving, try to establish a budget plan, and try to stick to that.
  • List all the probable expenses beforehand, during and after the moving. If you decide to hire a Professional Moving Company, try to estimate the cost for that as well.
  • If you finally decide to hire a professional moving company, then your cost for moving will depend on a variety of factors, like:

    • The weight of your furniture and belongings. The more it weighs, the more will it cost.
    • The distance you are traveling and the area of your old home, as well as your destination.
    • Some carriers operate only within a single area. Make sure about the route of your moving company before actually deciding on the moving company.
    • Fix the date and time when you want to carry out the moving.
    • Find out the shortest route to access your new home or apartment.
    • Plan all your Packing and Unpacking requirements.
    • If you are planning for a moving in the peak hours, expect to pay more to the moving company, as the moving companies remain busiest during this time.

Right Time to Move

Of course we are aware that moving is usually time-bound and has constraints. However if the moving is not urgent, you can save immensely, as moving works out cheaper at these times.

  • Between October and April, due to weather conditions
  • Holidays
  • Weekends
  • First 2-3 days and last week of every month
  • In summertime, the mid months are also busy periods

Plan for Additional Charges

As much as the moving company tries to keep to the moving schedule there maybe situations when moving may get delayed. In such cases do not press the panic button but rather be prepared in advance to spend for the hotel room, in case you need to stay when your belongings are still in transit, Utility fees for shutting down or turning on existing or new services, a tip to the movers

Save On Your Removal

If little drops of water mount to being an ocean, little cents put together mount up to huge amounts. Save as much as you can – even in little ways.

  • Self Removals: The more work you do yourself; the less will be spent on the cost for Moving Companies. For example, if you are ready to do the Packing, Loading and Unloading on and off the truck, it will cost you less than if you decide to leave the entire responsibility on a Moving Company. There are Moving Companies that will drive your belongings to the new destination only.

  • Removal Supplies: You can even cut down your cost of moving by manipulating the moving supplies. Here are some suggestions regarding that.

    • Get your own moving boxes and supplies.
    • If you have some packing materials around your home, like old newspapers, old paper bags, start using them.
    • You can also avail affordable packing supplies by ordering them online.
    • Ask your friends, relatives and neighbors who have had moving recently to give or sell their packing boxes.
    • Use crumpled newspaper instead of bubble wrap to guard your breakables. This will definitely add to your savings.
    • Just take a walk around and look for the cheapest deal on packing tapes and other supplies.
    • Use your own blankets, rags and linens instead of hiring blankets from the moving companies.
    • Reduce the cost of packing by packing yourself. Follow a "You Pack, We Drive" method.
    • If you are ready to wait for a while for your belongings you can significantly save some money. Some moving companies give a good discount on Short-Term-Store and consolidate your moving items.
    • Discard as many things as you can. Take a walk round your home and see carefully how many things you can discard, Get rid of things that you can no longer use and might have forgotten about it, as this will amount to heavy weight.

The Right Moving Estimate

Still contemplating on what to do? Which Company to choose? Looking for the right Moving estimates? Subsidize your budget with the following measures.

  • Compare and contrast the offers and prices offered by different moving companies.
  • Do a proper survey before deciding on the Moving Company. This can save you hundreds of dollars on the moving services.
  • The charges for local moving are usually based on labor, whereas long distance moving is usually charged depending on the Weight & Distance.
  • Besides, the moving charges, most moving companies also have some additional charges. Make sure you check with the moving company what the additional charges for various services are.
  • A Moving Company might charge an additional charge on various services, like:

    • Packing & Unpacking.
    • Long walk from the truck to the house.
    • Fuel Surcharge.
    • Extra charge for heavy items like Piano or Safe.
    • Shuttle Service.
    • Extra charge for disassembling or reassembling furniture and other devices.
    • Free Walk-up.

The Written Contract

Always ask for a written contract that includes all details about their services. The things that the contract should include are:

  • List of all the items that are to be moved
  • Time of delivery
  • Their Telephone Number
  • All Costs & Charges
  • Address of Delivery
  • The Total cost figure
  • Insurance Coverage
Other Tips

  • Before deciding on the Moving Company, do not forget to get estimates from other Moving Companies.
  • Do not depend on the Quotes given over Telephone or Internet.
  • While getting an estimate, make sure that you mention all the items that need to be moved.
  • To get an honest estimate, your Moving Company must see the things that need to be moved.
  • Be sure to check that the Mover has marked all items, "Going" and "Not Going" properly on the Survey Sheet.
  • Do not rush to book the Moving Company that gives you the lowest estimate. Never accept an estimate that is lower than other estimates.
  • Do not forget to show the Movers every nook & corner, like: Attic, Garden, Basement, Garage, Closets etc.
Additional Tips For A Better Move

  • If you have any deposits, like in Utility Companies or deposits made at the time of your last move to your landlord - start collecting them.
  • To save money, ship your car.
  • If you plan to drive yourself to your new home, make a budget on how much you will spend on Gas, Highway Tolls, Food and Hotel stay.
  • If you are moving to start a new job or because your job has moved, check out if you can avail a Tax Deduction.
  • If you have membership in Local Gyms or other Associations, withdraw it as you will not be able to continue it once you move to your new location.
  • Make a list for expenses like: Home Repair, Pet Deposit, Cleaning Services, and Rental Fees for your new home, Rental Expenses in the new city, the first and last month’s rent, Utility Deposit and Storage Unit Rentals etc.
  • Make a list of other things like: cost of Truck Rentals, cost of Professional Moving Services, cost of food and beverages that you need to give to the volunteers on the day of moving, cost of moving supplies, tips for the movers or gifts for the volunteers.
  • Make a list of your moving travels. The moving travels include: Airline Tickets, Toll Charges, Fuel Charge, cost for your meals and hotels.
  • There are also certain ways of earning while you are planning to move. This income is just meant to balance the huge expense involved in moving. Like the income that you will earn by selling your spare car, furniture or other belongings. You can arrange for a garage or yard sale.