Getting A Moving Estimate

Determines if your move is going to be a successful one!

“Moving Estimate”, only two words and yet holds within it the crux of your entire move and determines whether your move is going to be a successful, stress-less one or just the opposite. After all, it is the moving estimate depending on which you generally finalize your choice of a mover, right? But do you know how many type of moving estimates are there or the right procedures to get the right moving estimate? If your answer is something oscillating in between “yes” and “no” then it is time for you to be with us and read on. We will guide you through the right path to reach the goal of getting the right moving estimates.

So, here we go…We will start up with the type of moving quotes that you will come across. Generally there are only two type of moving estimates that are offered by the moving companies. Sounds easy, right? These easy to remember quotes are, The Binding Moving Quotes and the Non-Binding Moving Quotes. Now you must have grasped the main idea behind these two quotes. Yet allow us to explain a bit to make things easier for you.

Binding Moving Quotes:
A binding moving quote provides the customers with an estimate where the maximum cost is predetermined. This is done by observing article by article at your present home and making detail enquiry. If the actual moving costs exceed it then customers have the liberty not to take burden of the extra cost. This moving estimate is especially helpful in case of the long distance relocation. This is also called ‘Not to exceed’ moving quote.

Non-Binding Moving Quotes:
Non-Binding moving quotes on the other hand is an estimation generally done on the moving services provided per hour. In fact, this is provided based on the experience of the movers and is not reliable at all. However, non-binding estimates you can use in case of short distance local moves where the binding moves may become costlier.

Now that you have the clasp over the types of the moving quotes that are generally offered by the moving companies in the market, let us move to the next point of importance. Here we will discuss the points that you should follow while getting the moving estimate. Learn with us how to get the best moving estimate for the ultimate success of your move.

Choosing The Right One:
Now, before we venture further, give us an honest answer. What would you look for mainly while finalizing a moving company? Is it the low cost of moving estimate that they will provide or the security that you can expect from a well known moving company though the moving estimate may be a bit high?

Honestly we know most of the customers will go with the low cost companies. But just give it a bit thought and ponder over the matter a little bit. Would it not turn painful if in case you have to pay more being a victim of scammers than to pay a bit more on the moving companies with a moderate moving estimates than the incredibly lower ones? We know budget is one very important issue and so is the security. You cannot compromise on either. That is why we have made these guidelines where you can choose a moving company and the right moving estimate effectively without missing on any of the most important parameters of relocation.

Do’s & Don’ts:

  • Remember to get the moving estimates from at least three moving companies. This will make sure that you can compare and finalize which one to depend on more effectively.
  • Avoid very low moving estimates as these are too good to be true. Depending on your budget, you can eliminate the very high move estimates as well.
  • Always make sure that a representative from the moving company pays a visit in person to provide you with the estimate. Avoid those moving companies which provide the quote over phone or internet.
  • Always get the moving estimate in writing. If a moving company is providing you with relatively lower costs, enquire in detail why they are doing so and get the written agreement. This written agreement again should be provided on a written letterhead where the details of the office and the representative are mentioned.
  • You should be very careful of the moving companies which do not provide you with an invoice and also do not include the taxes in the ultimate estimate.
  • When the representative comes for offering the move estimate, make sure that you have shown him every single item that you want to move to your new home. This will help him/her to offer you the right estimate.
  • Moving insurance is another thing that you should be very careful of while getting a move estimation done. Often the insurance provided by the movers is not sufficient to cover and safeguard all your valuables. So, talk with the representative about buying extra insurances.
  • If you are going for a non-binding estimate, make sure that the hours are included in the move estimation and in the written form.
  • Make sure the entire move estimate includes aspects like parts costs, labor costs and also material costs. Apart from these make sure you know what will be the extra charges for anything you want to move outside the moving estimate.

Now once you have made sure all these aspects are according to your expectations, you can surely go for the particular moving company. But don’t forget to get as many as movers which conform to the same criteria. After all getting the perfect move estimation will take care of your budget and the success of the relocation as well gifting you with much needed peace of mind.

So, just move ahead and carry on with your questionnaires.
We Wish You A Happy Relocation To Cherish.