Moving Tips

"Life Is Not A Bed Of Roses", so goes the proverb.

What can be better than a relocation to remind you once again about this valuable (read thorny) lesson of life? So, it is moving time and you have got pricked with the jitters of packing, moving, unpacking and a plethora of other moving responsibilities even before you have plunged down under?

Well, this is a pretty normal scenario with all movers in general and believe me, there is a common remedy for this too. Having doubts? Well, let me spell the open secret then. The keyword is to get ‘organized’ and this will lead you through the boring, often tiring exercises of moving to your final destination minutely, keeping your smile intact on your face.

You must be wondering by this time, what getting ‘organized’ entails actually. Well, to be precise, it is nothing but to have a moving plan. Now this move plan will depend on whether you are hiring a full services mover or will you do the packing by yourself and will hire the moving trucks for delivery. For people wiling to cut down on the moving costs by packing the belongings themselves, there are a myriad of tips in our sleeve that are sure to make your task hassle free. Just read on to know how to perform the trick. Just divide the entire relocation schedule into three halves, ‘Before Moving Tasks’, ‘During Moving Tasks’ and finally ‘After Moving Tasks’. So first thing first:

Before Moving Tasks:

  • Think of the space in your new home before you move. Start planning about the best ways of arranging your furniture in your new home. You can even prepare sketches that will help you to execute your plan.
  • Get someone to clean up your new abode before you arrive there. Once you are done with these two steps, it is time that you take care of your present home.
  • At the beginning, packing may seem to be fun, but soon you might get tired and bored of it. So, set deadlines for yourself to finish the task.
  • Relocation is a good opportunity often to get rid of the items you no longer use. So just mark a place where you can gather all the items for packing, sort them out into ‘using’ and ‘not in use’ and finally make a list of the items you need to pack.
  • With the unused items, especially dress materials, electronics and stuffs like these, you can arrange a garage sale or can donate them to the local charity.
  • Now is the time that you pay attention to packing the stuffs. You already know what should be the first step in this. Yes, get the packing materials in plenty. You will get companies which can give you ideas about the number of boxes you need to buy and other packing materials. Get the help and gather the required items.
  • Once you have enough packing boxes of several sizes, bubble wraps, foam peanuts and of course packing tapes, you can start about the business.
  • Remember, under packing is as bad as over packing. The contents of the boxes that are under packed are more likely to be broken than over packed.
  • Take special care with glass items, paintings and fragile items like these. You can wrap fragile items in newspaper. Although it is rare, but in case if the print comes out, wash it with water before you use it. So, for wrapping things save newspapers and magazines from weeks ahead.
  • Never use foam ‘peanuts’ to pack around the computer. This can generate static electricity and in turn cause harm to your machine.
  • Do not pack some of these items or carry them while moving – Alcohol, Ammonia, Ammunition, Chemicals or Turpentine, Flammable Liquids, like Acids of any kind and Vinegars and items like these.
  • If you have a piano, think about how you are going to move it. You may need to make some special arrangements to move it. Same goes with heavy items like these.
  • Now, as we have said before, the crux of a pleasant move is to get organized. So maintain this. Even before you start filling up the box with their contents, mark them room-wise and paste a list of items put in there. This will help you as well as the movers to keep the boxes in order. Moreover, mark the boxes with fragile items also so that they are taken special care of.
  • Plan your packing in such a way that you can have at least one day in hand after you are done with the whole packing before you leave. This will take care of the items you have left by chance and need to pack. At the same time this will save you from hassles and tensions as well.
  • While you are moving with your daily packing schedule, remember to do the necessary office works as well like change of address, change of supplies, informing the water and power supply stations about your new address and the others as well.
  • Try to get a good idea about the locality you are moving as this will help you to determine your next move easily.
  • In case you have them, teach your kids your new address and telephone number as soon as you know it.
  • Plan for the place where your movers can park for loading in your old home and for unloading in your new home. The further they have to walk, the longer will it take, so see that the distance between your home and the loading or unloading place isn’t too long.

While this will take care of your packing and pre-move willies, there are several other responsibilities while you are moving. Have a look at them as well, to make sure you can have a successful move.

During Move Tasks:

  • Try to move on a weekdays as this will not only be cheaper for you but will also help you to get hold of the contracts that you might need in case there is a problem, like: utilities companies not connecting your service and the likes.
  • Before your movers arrive, try to stack all your boxes and containers at the corner of the room and leave the room to the movers. This will speed up their process of moving.
  • Give your mover your cell phone number, so that they can keep in touch with you when ever it is required.
  • Make sure that someone is there in the new house before the movers arrive to take care of the unloading.
  • Moving is a curious mixture of action and boredom. Feed the movers regularly, as they need lot of energy and prevent them from taking frequent breaks.
  • If you find that any of your belongings or your home is damaged by the movers, inform them immediately.
  • During move you need to carry some items with you. Make a list of these and keep them with you. These will include, cash, the moving deed, credit cards, cash, personal records, bank documents, important documents etc.

Now that you have made the journey with this far, hang in there a little more and equip yourself with the after move tips. After all, together we can strive to make the move smoother if not exactly the ‘Beds Of Roses! So, here comes your ‘after moving tasks’.

After Moving Tasks:

  • Once you have reached your new abode, it is time to check first of all, whether all the boxes are delivered or not.
  • Next in line will be obviously, the task of keeping the boxes in the designated rooms accordingly with the help of the movers.
  • After your move has been completed, do not forget to tip the movers. Never feel that you have to tip them even if you are not satisfied with their job. Tip them only when you are happy to show them that you are happy with the job that they have done.
  • Plug-in the electrical items only after they reached the room temperature.
  • If you are moving with kids, leave them in their new bedrooms with a couple of boxes that they can unpack. This will keep them engaged.
  • Keep your kids occupied and give them lot of attention. They may feel out-of-place because of the move.
  • You can experience a feeling of “blue” for a couple of days after moving. So the best thing you can do is, plan and actually organize a house warming party. Let your friends and families know that you have moved safely and happy with it.
  • Give yourself and your family member time to settle down. Start unpacking those boxes which you will need immediately. Leave the rest for weekend to unpack at leisure.

So, these are the main tricks that will see to your pleasant and successful relocation once you follow them closely. You can keep personalizing them according to your own requirements which will improve on the tips all the more.