The Right Mover For You

Are you about to move and looking forward to hire a mover?

Well, here we have a little test for you. Just put yourself in the place of a person victimized by the moving scam. And let us know which one of the following assumptions will peep in your mind first.

  1. You should have done an extensive research work.
  2. You should have been far more careful while choosing the movers instead of jumping to a choice.
  3. You should have enough referrals from several people about the mover.

May be these all will visit your mind at the same time. While these are “should have been” and cannot change the mishap, would you not like to steer clear of this tragedy by making the right choice when you have enough time? We know you would gladly do so. And it is precisely at this point that we are here to guide you on how to choose the right mover for you. After all, the success of your relocation entirely depends on your choice of the right movers.

Now, at the present relocation market, where one after another competent moving companies are vying with each other, flooding their customers with amazing offers and services, choosing the right mover is not really a cake walk. Moreover, you may have noticed that, among these companies, fraudsters or scammers are also threateningly increasing day by day. Therefore, while zeroing on the right mover for you, you must be certain about a set of particular questions that you need to clarify while short listing the moving company. Here we present you with a series of queries that are sure to fetch you the desired result - the right mover for you.

Reliability Of The Moving Company: The first step towards determining the reliability of a moving company is to enquire about registration and licenses of the moving company. A good moving comp any will always have all the necessary permits, registrations and valid licenses for providing the service. Therefore, before you choose, clarify this point.

Moving Quotes: There are movers who can work for the brokers or individually. If they are working for the brokers, chances are that, you will not get a reliable and accurate estimate which can leave your precious belongings to unsafe hands. This is because brokers cannot provide you with binding quotes. While this will lead to the inaccurate estimates of the move, at the same time the brokers will not be answerable for any damage to your belongings during the move. So, you should always go for binding moving quotes and move with the right moving estimates.

Another important point that you should remember is that, always avoid movers who provide moving quotes over phone instead of sending their representative. Moreover, while getting the moving estimates make sure that you ask about the extra costs that they may charge in case of belongings out of the moving estimates. Apart from this, there can be several other extra charges such as the Long Carry Charges, Flight Charges and so on. Clarify all these beforehand to make you move a pleasant one.

At a glimpse, a moving quote should include these points:

  • Total number of the rooms.
  • Total number of the belongings and the packing materials required to pack them.
  • Total time necessary to complete the entire task.
  • Total mileage.
  • The services and charges for packing and unpacking.

Moreover, make sure that you are going for a mover that gives you per hour moving rate as this is often misleading. You should also be specific that the move estimate include the mover’s liability also when they over charge.

Moving Insurance: This is another indispensible requirement which you should have detail knowledge of. To make sure that you are not moving with any fraudster or scammer, enquire about the following:

  • Firstly try to know about the insurances that the mover you are choosing provides you with.
  • Once you get to know about this, it will make your task comparatively easy to know which are the fields and the articles that they are not covering.
  • Based on this, try to know further, what will be the costs for carrying extra belongings.
  • Next you should enquire about the sort of damages that the company covers and does not cover as well.
  • Another important point that you should clarify is how they would move your belongings and whether there will be any change of vehicle. Make sure any damage during this transfer also is covered in the insurance.

Apart from these, there are some other relative queries that will make your choice better if not perfect. Here are some of them:

  • Ask your movers how they are ready to tackle with the heavy belongings like piano, old large wooden furniture etc. This will tighten the safety of your precious belongings.
  • Enquire also about the mode of payment. It is generally advisable to avoid the movers who accept cash only.
  • Ask about the storage facility and related insurance coverage in case you need it.
  • During long distance moves sometimes transfer of the belongings to another vehicle takes place. Enquire in detail about the process, place, costs and also the insurance coverage in case any damage happens during the transfer.

Now that we have equipped you with all the possible queries and questions to zero in on the right move, just go ahead and start your search for one today. But do not forget to get moving estimate from at least 3-4 moving companies to compare and finalize your choice. We wish you a very successful and pleasant relocation ahead.